Does the Use of Technology Improve a Child’s Learning Experience in the Classroom? by Tara Agnesini, Celena Ragkaswar and Jamie Bunsis

Technology is by far becoming the newest way to educate our students in the classroom today. The use of technology is continuing to break through the barriers of traditional learning styles creating a whole new perspective of learning. There are so many ways to incorporate technology in the classroom such as power point presentations, smart boards, online blogging, websites, DVD’s and digital imaging. According to J. Bass, T. Contant and A. Carin (2009) “In the classroom the computer offers the teacher more flexibility in presentations, better management in instructional techniques and easy record keeping. It offers students a very important resource for learning concepts and processes” for a vast variety of subjects.

Technology today, is the next best thing for education. Now, teachers can go on websites, and can Google pretty much any subject area at the tip of their fingers. Years ago, students would have to take a trip to the library, and spend hours on researching information for their assignments, where as now, they can find that information within seconds from their classroom computer.

The use of technology in the classroom can also improve one’s literacy skills. According to J. Lam “Currently, there are at least twenty-five million illiterate people in this country and this number is increasing rapidly. By 2050 the African-American and Hispanic population will increase from 20 – 40%.” The use of technology is set to enhance literacy in students, and allows them to use technology to improve their academic achievements in reading. There are so many articles, and online books that students have access too, and many of them provide “read-alongs”, meaning they have “virtual narrators” to read for you while you follow the words. Many of these articles and online books are “child friendly” and may also include web slides, videos, pictures, and blogging etc., making reading more pleasurable for the child.

J. Lam also states in his article, “Often, students are too confused or embarrassed to ask questions because they don’t want to show their ignorance. With individualized computer instruction, students can always immediately request help if something is unclear.” Computer instruction gives the students independence, and allows them to research anything possible, on any given topic or activity, making learning fun and exciting for the students, while at the same time, making it a lot easier for teachers to dictate classroom instruction.

In today’s society, the next best thing to the way of our future is through technology and computers. Computers are the way to our future, and pretty soon everything will be run through computers, possibly even teachers. Some colleges today have online classrooms where they do not even need to see their teacher, which can be viewed in either a positive and/or a negative aspect. Therefore, technology has and will continue to have a great impact on the educational advancement in our New York City public schools.


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16 responses to “Does the Use of Technology Improve a Child’s Learning Experience in the Classroom? by Tara Agnesini, Celena Ragkaswar and Jamie Bunsis

  1. I completely agree that we must embrace technology in the classroom. As the world changes, we must change with it – technology has always been the heart of change. With the exponentially growing popularity of computers, cell phones, DVD players, and everything in between, it’s important for students to be made aware of their technological surroundings. In today’s culture, the integration of technology into every aspect of life has become almost overwhelming, and if we the teachers cannot guide our students confidently through these mediums, we run the risk of alienating them from what could potentially be a very vital ingredient to every day life in the very-near future.

  2. I found this article quite interesting. I too believe that we need to embrace technology in the classrooms. I have seen during my observations where technology have made a difference in how a child learns a particular topic or grasp the concept on a different level. Teachers are creating classroom blogs of course monitored by the teacher and the use of it is to allow students to get help from their peers in an anonymous way; if the students is embarrassed to divulge their identity. We need to incorporate what children are into outside of the classroom. As John Dewey stated, use what children are into and incorporate it in the classrooms. Make the use of computers a way of continuing a lesson or use as an assessment tool for a series of lessons.

  3. I feel that the use of technology in the classroom is very beneficial to the students. Being able to look information up online allows the students to learn more. They also won’t need to leave the classroom in order to do research on school projects.
    Also, if students have a way to communicate with the teacher online it eliminates the embarassement for the student for asking questions in the classroom. I feel that if more information for classes becomes available online, it can lead to more productive work in the classroom.

  4. Technology is something that is very important to children and it is a great way to get them involved in the lessons. Last semester I visited a school that was extremely technologically advanced and the students all loved working with smart boards and in the computer labs.

  5. I think it is great that we are welcoming all of the latest technology in the classrooms. Since many students are used to exploring the Internet in their own homes it is about time teachers are incorporating it into their lessons.

  6. Blog 1:
    Today’s Children are very interested in the technology and through just observing my own little cousins they are well advance it in then their parents. Including technology in today’s modern classrooms is very essential and useful for the success in children’s education. Technology is very beneficial to any students. Technology can boost their self confidence in learning for example using smart boards while doing a math problem with smart board it engages the students to want to get involved and stand in front of the class and solve the math problem and when they get it correct a smiley face lights up and they feel good about themselves as oppose to the teacher teaching math and it may seem boring to the student because may be the way the teacher is teaching or something along those lines. And there can be situations, where the students don’t understanding or don’t want participating in the classroom while the teacher is teaching it but with smart boards, it seems fun so they would want to participate. I think with technology is places children in a different environment, a more fun and a feeling of ease towards learning.
    Children in this age growing up with computers, cell phones, the wee, and all sorts of technologies in their household and again through my own observations they view that as something exciting and fun. So, including technology in a classroom and continuing the use of it in the classroom will help the students in their journeys of education. And to conclude, computer literacy is very important and I don’t see any negative but only positive in the use of classroom. I think technology places a wall and hides all the negative thoughts, feelings and assumpations that students have about school and learning. I think it adherences student’s abilities to want to learn more, engages students in the classroom environment, and also captures their attention, and most importantly encourages them to want to learn because it’s not boring anymore and school isn’t about reading, writing and solving problems and listening to one teachers all day long. It’s now about technology, and working on math problems or reading stories online with fun games that are included while solving those difficult math problems and etc. I believe technology helps students understand the school material more efficiency and drives them to want to learn more. So, this article was very interesting to read and it’s a wonderful idea that teachers are incorporating technology in their classrooms. :)

  7. We live in a technological world. Each direction we turn we can use technology in one way or another from our cell phones, laptops, flat screen TV’s, text messages, e-mails, to online websites etc. Our daily lives revolve around it. Old technologies are being replaced by new ones daily and we have to keep up with it. Technology today puts a new meaning on “blind dating” way back when as my grandparents tell me stories of how people used to day such being set up by your parents , now days “blind date” is not so much a blind date anymore. In a sense we create a new meaning we could be chatting with someone online through e-mail, online dating services and such being fed lies or truth who knows. We will not be able to find out until we meet the person. People now days prefer online dating services for many reasons one being convenience, they rather talk to someone through online getting to know them first, rather than meeting the person and then getting to know them while being on the date.
    I have did not realize how much I use technology myself up until few hours ago, having a chat with a good family friend. As he has said back in the day a Bostonian would have never dated a New Yorker because of the distance. Now, distance does not matter or I should say is not as big of a factor as it used to be. I personally have been dating someone for almost three years with a almost three hours commute. How have we done it for so long? Well let’s just say the technology is the key. Using the phone is one, having a car and being able to see one another, e-mails, aim, and txt messages. One easy way I am able to communicate with my family in Poland in just seconds is Skype. A services, that I am able to call another country and able to talk and see them at the same time. If I wanted to I could fly and be there in just a day or less. Technology has been a great factor not only on my life but many of us, letting us use the services and provides us with them today. With the technology that we have today we are capable of communicating with people around the world faster, and more efficient. One of my favorite examples of how technology has changed on how we view a language is text messages. When people use text messages we simple abbreviate most if not all the words we use. Sometime by doing so we and mostly teenagers tend to bring that language into a classroom. I have spoke to my boyfriend sister just last night and she has told me that she contently has to go back and revised all her papers because on her essays she would type ‘u’ instead of the full word ‘you’. She got used to typing ‘u’ because of her usage of aim and text message. This makes be worry because who knows if one hundred years or less from now ‘you’ will not be replaced by ‘u’. As humans we should be careful of the language we use and remember that there is a time and place for social language as well as proper language.

  8. I too believe that the use of technology in the classroom enhances what the teacher is trying to get across to the students. There are various ways that a lesson can be taught, however the students may learn differently. One student may learn by using a computer, while another may learn by pictures and explanations. Technology should be used as an enhancemen, not taking place of the teacher or textbooks. Years from now if technology becomes so advanced, teachers may not even be needed and none of use will have a job.

  9. Technology is becoming the newest way to educate students today. Computer usage is changing learning styles and leading to a new way of educating students. Years ago students would have to spend hours doing research at the library . Now many students have the use of a computer and can access the internet to do their research and assignments. In J. Lam’s article, he stated that students often are too confused or embarrassed to ask questions because they do not want to look foolish among their peers. By using a computer they can receive immediate help. I think it is good for students to receive computerized instruction. On the internet, there are many articles and online books that students have access to, and many of them provide automated readers to read passages. There are some colleges today that have online classrooms where the students do not even need to see their teacher in person. In today’s society, learning computer technology is a necessity because the computer is essential to how we live.

  10. Does the use of Technology Improve a Child’s Learning Experience in the classroom?
    By Tara Agnesini, Celena Tagkaswar and Jamie Bunsis

    Technology is being used to break new barriers but it isn’t through advancing our students. Instead it’s making our children lazy and teachers incompetent. Sure, there are some improvements with technology, however, there more negative side effect then positive ones. The article mentioned that students would go to the library to conduct research, but now they can just find the information on the computer. As helpful as the computer is, the students are losing the required skills of doing research in the library. The student will lose the ability to locate required information (books, articles, etc.). The article also mentioned that the computer can go on-line so children can have access to “read along and virtual narrations”, allowing the reader to follow on the monitor. These books are “child friendly”. What ever happened to the teacher teaching the student how to read, as well as mom and dad working with child toward improvement of literacy skills. Also who is to say that these students will actually “read along” with the computer. Will the computer tell the student to stay focused and stop day dreaming? The student’s who are to embarrassed to vocalized what they don’t understand, is the fault of teacher. They did not create a suitable learning environment. The student should always feel comfortable asking questions. The scariest fact of all is when the article mentioned that “computers are the way to our future and pretty soon everything will run through computers, possibly even teachers”. Well will be in a lot of trouble if this happens. We will not have growing, learning students, who can question knowable instructors, challenge other students to debates or participate in a conversation. Instead we will have individuals who can‘t communicate, think for themselves or be able to work without this machine.

  11. Technology in the classroom has many postive aspects and makes learning just a click away. With the increase in techology it has led to higher standards, which means more work for students. Additionally, with the increase in technology has also increased cheating. It is sad that we have all this technology and students are taking the easy way out and cheating. I love technology, but it has to be used in moderation in the classroom.

  12. Technology and educating students in the classroom today is definetly helping to create an entire new perspective of learning. Whether it be the use of power point presentations or smart boards, blogging via the internet, etc. there are several innovative opportunities for students to learn. With the continued advancement of technology, it also offers the teacher more resources and flexibility when teaching and conveying their lesson plans to the students. It’s safe to say that technology is the next best thing for education and computers are the way to our future. However, in today’s day and age, some students unfortunately have a tendency to rely too heavily on technology (internet) and thus allow the computers to “do the work for them.”

  13. Technology should be used to enhance what’s taught in the classroom, not take the place of the textbook or fieldtrips etc. The use of computers makes it earier for the students to gather information to complete assignments and it makes it easier for the teachers beacuse they can directly print articles and homework handouts to distribute. If students rely too much on the computers, their brains will go to waste.

  14. I completely agree with the use of technology in the classroom. I feel that students are more motivated to learn the subject matter if they can relate to it and by having technology that they all know about and use in everyday life is a great way for that. Weather if it is classroom blogs or just using a simple powerpoint students need the interaction and visuals to completely learn the material. Also, technology could reduce the amount of paper that is being used through parent and school communication. The school that I am currently teaching in uses an online form of report cards and academic warnings. Here, parents, students, and teachers have an open constant communication through emails and postings on the school webpage. This reduces the amount of paper being used drastically.

  15. In today’s society, the next best thing to the way of our future is through technology and computers. I say yes to this article, as a computer major, I feel it is imperative that we educate or student, to be very computer savvy. The rest of the word has out run America students when it comes to computer technology in the classroom. I think we are so far behind that we need to revise our curriculum ASAP! To catch-up with the rest of the world. To reiterate what the writes said in this article “Technology today, is the next best thing for education. Now, teachers can go on websites, and can Google pretty much any subject area at the tip of their fingers. Years ago, students would have to take a trip to the library, and spend hours on researching information for their assignments, where as now, they can find that information within seconds from their classroom computer”.
    YEP! Technology at your door steps.

  16. I agree that we have to embrace technology in our classrooms. Not doing so will definately keep you out of touch with your students and the rest of the world that is embracing it more and more each day. There are many useful and productive ways of bringing technology into the classroom which the article points out. Smart boards are very useful tools as well as Power Point presentations. They captivate the students and often make a teacher’s job easier.

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